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Simply The Best: Coletrain Year One- After a year, the best bitcoin leverage trading platform has collected some awesome stories and posts.  I picked the top 15 posts to showcase here.  You will laugh your ass off all over again.  (posted 8/05/06)

Highlander: The Origin of Immortals- The Highlander storyline is one I find immensely enjoyable.  Unfortunately, a lot of crap has gotten in between Gregory Widen's original vision and what actually appears on the big and small screens.  This is my attempt to create a story within the Highlander Universe that is true to the vision - and not a "shined up piece of crap."  (posted 5/17/06)

Your One Black Friend - This is a humour article inspired by the FX Network show "Black.White.," the Phat Phree,  and some of the assholes I meet in the bar.   It is pretty funny but HIGHLY offensive.  If you can't handle that, don't read it. (posted 4/17/06)

Surviving the Game (Review of "The Game") - This is a short review of the New York Times Bestselling book by Neil Strauss, a man who in two years transformed from unappealing kinda gay looking dude into the World's Greatest Pickup Artist, "the strongest of the Jedi." (posted 1/16/06)

Elimidate (Review) - Often I write stuff that doesn't get publised to keep me thinking as I work on the novel.  This is one such article.  Since I am not getting paid for this I made up names when I forget the real ones, but other than that the article really gets at the heart of the episode bitcoin margin trading.

Washington Witness Articles

Superman: Secret Soviet - Probably the most famous article I have ever written.  It got over 1 million page views when on, and was posted on WorldNetDaily's "Page du Jour", >, and - as well as other random sites across the web.  Most consider it satire, I was serious.  Never trust anyone in a Superman shirt.

My Night with the John Birch Society - Less famous than SSS, but was quoted in the Riverfront Times (disclaimer - the article's author was my former RA) as well as other random places across the web.

The Importance of Family - For those wondering why I am a conservative, this article clearly analyses the basis of my political philosophy.  Using this article as a rubric, we now know why the private sector has built a city like New Orleans, and the federal government after Katrina will replace it with a class-divided Disneyland/shanty-town.

Highlander: Endgame (Review) - This is probably my favorite article ever.  It even has a study guide for the movie!  This movie has chicks, guns, and swords - what else do you need?  What?  You want motorcycles, intrigue, and old women burned alive.  Wellsir, we got you covered what is bitcoin leverage trading.




Washington Witness Articles (cont'd)

Harry Potter: Rated R? - You may not be able to tell it from the article, but I enjoy the Harry Potter saga immensely.  But, a deadline is a deadline - and I would never read The Half-Blood Princeto a small child.

Miller High Life No. 2 - Part of my short lived column based off of Taki's High Life in the London Spectator, this article describes one of my many adventures and derives a public policy moral from it.

Miller High Life No. 3 - Both this article and the one above are most likely the best of the nine published thus far.  This article seamlessly blends a beautiful sunny break from a Minnesota harsh winter with the death of an American woman in Israel protesting in favour of the Palestinians.  I don't have much love for the Arab world - but what the Israelis are doing to those people is pure evil.

Beating the Welfare State: Interview with Reggie Jones - One of the most rewarding interviews I have ever done.  Reggie Jones is a no nonsense business man who believes that for blacks to survive in this country, they need to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and make it happen.  The quicker people realize that government never gives - only takes, the better.

Blacks and Gays Together - Probably the single most controversial article I have ever composed since the founding of the paper.  Soon after it hit the streets Dan McCarthy, who succeeded me as editor, fielded phone calls from people saying I was too right-wing and out of control.  If you know Dan, then you are rolling on the floor in laughter right now.